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Using my Blog

A couple of you have emailed me to ask how to add a reply to the Blog. Click on the title and then a box will appear!

If you have any links to articles, organisations, training, simply copy and past into the box. I’m still learning and getting used to finding my way round my website.

The only ‘Dashboard’ I’ve had till now has been in the front of my car and I now have a ‘Back Office’ where I can control my website. Massive learning curve. If anyone knows how I add a Link so people can click on the link and go straight to someone else’s site, article, etc, please let me know!

Many thanks

Chris Refern

Please add any useful links or articles about psychotherapy to my website

Hi friends and colleagues! It’s early days yet having only taken over my website on Thursday last week.

I’m still working out how to use my site, especially the Feedback section I’m waiting for instructions on.

The Feedback site is for those of you who use my poetry book ‘Shades of Self’ or my CD ‘Your Life’ either with clients or in the delivery of your training. I’d welcome your stories, whilst honouring the code of Confidentiality that guides us to work ethically.


Welcome to my new Website

I hope to add information, articles, new poems and songs and links to other colleagues once I get my head around my new website.

Any suggestions and ideas will be gratefully received.

Welcome to my website! Up and running from today thanks to YPS Publishing

YPS Publishing Services have designed my new website. Many thanks

The Gift of Therapy

Excerpt of Gift of Therapy performed at the IIAP Conference in Bilbao April 2015. A song written for and dedicated to my therapist.