Hi everyone!

Some feedback from therapists who have used  or been touched by my work so far.

“Thank you for giving me my son back” – this comment was given to me personally by a psychotherapist whose son had been at one of the conferences I sang ‘This Child of Mine’ at – a song I’d originally written for a group of pregnant schoolgirls about being the Mother that children need. The therapist and son had not been getting on and he listened to this song and both started talking to each other again (2013, A)

Another therapist played a song a client chose from my CD ‘The Gift of Therapy’ and she said that although they had been working together for some years, they then had one of the ‘best’ sessions about the Therapeutic Relationship they had ever had and listening to the song together moved their work on. (2014, S)

A therapist had my CD ‘Your Life – Making Contact through Songs’ on a table in her therapy room when a client asked for one of the songs to be played after reading the insert. The lyrics the client identified with then opened a space in which to explore her own expereince. (Debbie, 2015)

‘You might be pleased to know that my 5 year old son likes to turn up the volume when I play your CD in my car!’

‘I played one of your songs to my training group after I had done a particularly difficult piece of work, so thank you for your creative words and music that touched a few people this weekend.’ (2016,E)

If you have any stories or feedback- please share on this section of the website, including your name if you wish to do so.