My Approach

My approach to psychotherapy focuses on relationship and takes into consideration the way in which we all develop as human beings; the early relationships we experienced as children; the beliefs we have and the life experiences that have an impact on us as we grow up; the opportunities or lack of opportunities we have in our lives.

All of these factors impact the person we are and how we develop coping strategies to get us through each day. Some of these are effective while some ways of coping prevent us from fully enjoying relationships with others, enjoying our lives fully or prevent us from being the person we would like to be or achieving our full potential.

The purpose of Integrative Psychotherapy is to look at the parts of ourselves that are not functioning as well as we would like them to; look at how we bring together the whole person by working on thinking, feelings and behaviour, so we can choose to change what is not working. Effective psychotherapy is about healing, growth and change, working with a therapist who will provide a safe, non-judgemental space in which to work.

I offer a supportive, safe and respectful space for you to explore what brings you to therapy. My aim as a therapist is for you to develop greater self-understanding and compassion and for you to re-connect with your inner-strength and self-belief. You can then move forward developing positive, new ways of being you and make new choices in your life.

I draw on Humanistic Approaches; Attachment Theory; Gestalt Psychotherapy; Self Psychology and Transactional Analysis- always working relationally with the Therapeutic Relationship.

I can offer creative approaches in my work that include poetry, music, art and clay work. Throughout my training I used poetry and music to explore issues and reflect on my personal growth and the therapeutic relationship.

I offer short and long-term, face-to-face therapy and I am open to working using Skype.